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20+ Online Learning Resources, Apps, and Games for Kids


As COVID-19 shuttered one school after another in recent days, many parents found themselves taking on the new title of "homeschooler" practically overnight. Thankfully, technology has provided us with many ways to stay connected and engaged during this difficult time, including through online lesson plans for kids and other virtual learning opportunities, from museum tours to math and spelling apps to coding classes. Many online education sites are even waiving their fees during the crisis.

Hopefully, this list keeps the whole family entertained and learning, but you can also find more at-home activities and information in our Pandemic Guide for Parents: Activities and Resources, including STEM Fun for Preschoolers and 5 Slime Recipes.

Tour the best museum collections around the globe...virtually! with Google Arts and Culture.

Virtual Learning for Kids of All Ages

Scholastic Learn From Home

The K-12 education powerhouse that is Scholastic just released 20 days of online lessons for kids from pre-K through sixth grade and up. Kids can dive into topics like the future of zoos and life science. It's all divided by age and grade level.

Museums with Virtual Tours Through Google Arts and Culture

Many of the world's largest and best museums have closed to encourage social distancing. You can tour the collections of more than 1,200 museums online through the Google Arts and Culture catalog. Start with its top 10 virtual museum tour list, or just browse through the online catalog for top children's museums, or favorite periods or artist. Arts history hour, anyone? 

Khan Academy is always free and provides high-quality content for kids (and adults) of all ages. Make sure to check out Khan Kids for the littlest of learners.

Since 2013, has been providing free online coding classes for students of all ages. Learn how to think like a programmer while completing online modules. 

PBS Learning Media

These interactive lesson plans are curricular-aligned to meet standards from preschool all the way through high school. 

Sight words, math problems, and more are available for preschoolers and elementary school kids at

Preschool Online and Remote Learning

Starfall Education

This bright and colorful website will appeal to preschoolers and those in the early elementary years, from pre-K through third grade. The activities are easy to find and arranged by discipline, season, or curricular topic. 

The Cat in the Hat Invents

Everyone’s favorite Cat is the start of this STEM-based website that challenges kids to be engineers and problem-solvers. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The Cosmic Kids YouTube channel will get your kids moving for a little post- or pre-study yoga break. Kids follow the poses that also help to tell a story in these short (roughly 10 to 15 minute) yoga sessions. (It also streams on Prime.)

Let them craft the day away at

Elementary School Online Education Options

Wow in the World

Wow in the World is a podcast for curious kids and their grown-ups brought to you by the folks at Tinkercast. These 20-30 minute episodes investigate factual real-world stories. 

Mystery Science

Mystery Science has opened up its most popular science lessons for FREE and easy for remote learning during the coronavirus crisis. Topics range from weather to who invented pizza. Head to your child's grade level for age-appropriate learning.

Kids can watch videos and learn how to make something all on their own with Older kids will love creating their own videos to upload and share on the platform. A free 14-day trial is available.

Cool Math Games

This site offers tons of games that incorporate math into the strategy, from virtual Chess to more video-game like math games. Search by skill or take a break with some math trivia. 

National Geographic Kids

Explore the world through games and videos on National Geographic Kids. Take a quiz about Mars or explore current topics like Kids vs. Plastic. 


Rivet is a free reading app that has over 3500 leveled books for kids. 

Kids use their programming knowledge to code with Minecraft.

Middle School Online Education


BrainPop began as a collection of short cartoons that taught students about difficult topics. Over the years, it added a number of interactive features, such as games and quizzes. Teachers can request free access to gain to BrainPop’s entire catalog of educational videos, and there is some FREE access to all during the coronavirus outbreak.

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education is so much more than "just a game." This learning platform promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. 


Program your own interactive stories with Scratch. This free learning tool develops important skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and collaboration. FREE

Prodigy Math

Sign up for a free account and start playing these standards-based math activities. FREE

Ken Burns in the Classroom series poses thought-provoking questions to students and introduces new ideas, perspectives, and primary sources. 

High School Online Education Resources

Ken Burns in the Classroom

Ken Burns has been making historical documentaries for nearly half a century. These thoughtfully developed lesson plans truly bring history to life. FREE


This is the modern-day version of the good ol' graphing calculator. The free app will let you graph all the parabolas you want! FREE

TED Talks

Watch a thought-provoking TED Talk on just about any device. This nonprofit provides free access to thousands of inspirational, motivational, educational, and instructional talks. These top 25 TED Talks are a great place to start. FREE


This mobile and web-enabled app lets users create and use virtual flashcards that cover a variety of topics. Set up a virtual study session with friends over video or among the family. 

Although these are difficult times for us all. We will survive this like all the other sicknesses. I promise you we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep families & children safe during this time.

We will be honoring all events to anyone who would like to enjoy life with their children. Although most events will resume late April & May we are here to support all those who wish to celebrate.

Stay healthy everyone. Hold your loved ones close. Try and eat healthy & take lots of vitamins to keep your immune systems strong. 

We will come out on the other side stronger than before. God Bless.

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