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3 Mistakes You Must Avoid in Booking a Character

Planning a party for your child can be tough.

You have to think about a lot of things to make your little one’s special day to be perfect.

You must choose food that your child and the guests would like, activities that would keep them engaged, and most of all, a character or a mascot to keep the kids entertained! However, you might forget to consider a couple of details when booking your kid’s “very special guest”.

Here are 3 things you must avoid when booking your character in a kid’s party.


1. Hiring your child’s nightmare fuel

This is the most common mistake parents make when hiring the character.  You must know your child enough to identify which characters would upset or frighten your child. Parents often make this mistake through hiring clowns or mimes. You wouldn’t want to traumatise your child on their special day, so take extra special care in choosing.


2. Choosing a random character

When booking a character, you can’t just choose “anyone”.  Remember that the party is for your child, and must reflect your child’s interests--favorite character included. If you choose randomly, you risk picking out a lack luster character which may bore your child and his or her guests, while also making the mascot feel or look awkward.



3. Selecting an age inappropriate character

As a parent, you must remember to keep with the times of your child.  Consider the age group of your child and his or her guests.  If you have toddlers, they are less likely to appreciate seeing Deadpool. Consequently, hiring Barney for your 10 year old may come off a bit embarrassing for your child.

What you can do to ensure that you’re booking the right character is to ask your child. Your child will definitely be open to tell you the character they want to see in their party.

Pay attention to who your child likes. As long as you choose the one they love, their party is going to make them feel extra special, for sure.