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7 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids & Busy Moms



Looking for some Halloween fun this weekend to feed your kids' excitement about the upcoming big day? The good news and the bad news is, you can find everything online.


Good, and bad, because there's never a shortage of projects that look so fun and easy on Pinterest but somehow turn out to be a frustrating mess when attempted inside your household.


Good, and bad, because yes, you could spend all day looking online through the thousands of ideas to choose the perfect projects for your little angels, but who has that kind of time?


Kids Party Characters is here to make things a little easier for you today. We've collected 7 of our favorite, proven projects that are truly fun and easy, and don't require you to have a fine arts degree to pull them off without cursing in front of the kids.


We're sure you'll enjoy them as much as our kids have.


Monster Lollipops Kids in the kitchen can be a recipe for disaster. This project doesn't require a bunch of ingredients, so the kids can be very hands-on rather than requiring you to do all the real work.


They'll especially love putting the little eyes on these guys and choosing their favorite color combinations.


Use these treats around the house, or hand-deliver them to friends and classmates.


You'll find the simple directions on Happy Go Lucky.



Sandwich Cookie Spiders While we like to promote healthy eating here at Kids Party Characters, these are just too cute to resist, and easy for even the younger kids to make.


Let's face it, you're not going to make these every day, so you have our permission to indulge in this treat that your kids will likely enjoy making just as much as they enjoy eating.


The easy step-by-step recipe is at Positively Splendid.





Ghost Leaves Just because the cold air is settling in doesn't mean your kids shouldn't be outside, and don't still love being outside.


This simple craft gives them a great excuse to be out there, and they'll enjoy the search for the perfect leaves to turn into ghosts.


Use their creations to decorate your windows, front door, and their bedroom doors.


All you'll need is some white paint, a small paint brush, black marker, and scissors.


Get the details on Growing a Jeweled Rose.



Halloween Slime Kids seem to either love the feel of slime, or hate it. But since most fall on the "love it" side, we've decided to include this recipe to give you an excuse to make slime during the Halloween season.


The recipe is simple enough for even younger kids to do most of the work themselves, although you may want to supervise the use of the food coloring.


The instructions here also include a fairly easy way to make decorative jars to put the slime in, but unless your giving it for special gifts, you can just store it in a plastic bag and call it good!


Find the details on The Best Ideas for Kids.



Handprint Halloween Keepsake Before you pass over this one because you think it's just for toddlers with little hands, consider that there's a lot more your older child can do with his hand than just make a handprint.


The handprints are cute, and can be turned into ghosts or pumpkins, but your older child can use her fingers to press any spooky shape she wants into the clay too.


These are simple to make with air dry clay and kids love decorating them. So they're a great idea whether you end up with a handprint or some other handcrafted shape your child chooses.


You can also get a jump on Christmas and create some holiday-themed treasures if you want, then tuck them away to be painted the appropriate colors. You know that season will be here in the blink of an eye.


Get the easy instructions for this versatile craft at Non-Toy Gifts.



DIY Halloween Bags Making things your kids can actually use is more rewarding for them and saves you the hassle of having a house full of discarded crafts that you feel guilty about actually discarding.


These Halloween bags are an easy and practical craft that allow your kids to use their imagination and do their own thing.


The bags can be traditional like the one pictured, can be themed to match your child's costume, or can be whatever he feels like making at the time.


All the supplies are available on a budget with a quick trip to your local craft store.


Get the details and some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing at Make it Your Own.




Spooky Spider Soap Don't be scared off by the fact that you need glycerin soap base for this craft. You may not have seen it before, but it's readily available at all the big chain craft stores.


This craft is simple to make and your kids will enjoy the results of their efforts at bath time.


The younger ones may need a little help melting and pouring the soap, they'll have fun placing the spiders, as well as choosing the colors and smells for their soaps.


Find the instructions on Happiness is Homemade.



As you can see, there's a little something for everyone in these seven different crafts. They do all have two things in common -- they're easy, and they're practical.


Even busy moms can find time for these, and each one leaves your kids with something satisfying to consume and/or something they can actually use at Halloween time.


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