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Be Your Own Wonder Woman

How many of you have ever had someone put you down?
Tell you that you couldn't do it?
Say that you aren't strong enough or smart enough.
You are not alone. That happened to me & that happened to Wonder Woman.
I am Cheryl Jacobs, CEO & creator of Kids Party Characters.
I am so grateful & thankful to be here with you today.
Many people look at me and think that life has been easy for me. That wasn't the case at all.
i got married at age 18 to my high school sweetheart. By the time I was 19 we had 2 beautiful children.
However, we lived in poverty. We were so poor I had to go to local churches for cheese, milk & cans of beens to feed my children.
And it even got worse. For 3 long years, my husband was an abusive alcoholic. I knew I had to get away from him for my safety and the safety of my kids.I was praying and searching for an answer.
One day I attended a model search and at age 21 I landed a huge modeling contract which allowed me to finally leave my husband and keep my children safe.
Even though I was on the road to success, I struggled to build myself up from a broken marriage, poverty and raising 2 small children til my business took off.
And I had 2 things that happened to me, that made it even worse. I will tell you about that in a bit.
One thing that kept me going was I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. After being picked up by 2 modeling agencies, I decided to start my own agency.
Today I own my 9th business called Kids Party Characters which I am branding to take global. I started with 2 employees and 20 costumes. Because of my drive to succeed I am now up to over 200 characters in 4 states with 70 plus employees.
In addition to my Kids Party Characters , I also wrote 2 books about my journey which became best sellers on Amazon.
I am living proof against all odds that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish your dreams.
So how did I go from an alcoholic relationship to owning 9 successful businesses.
How many of you wanna know how I turned my life around?
Remember I said earlier I had 2 things happen that made my life even worse?
The 1st was, right after I got my modeling contracts, 2 of the people that I loved with all my heart passed away, my mom then 3 months later my grandmother.
I could let those situations take me out completely, or I could do what my mom told me. She said, "Never depend on anyone else. Make sure you can stand on your own 2 feet."
I took her with me everywhere I went. I imagined she was saying to me "You are strong enough, smart enough and able to survive on your own." I put 1 foot in front of the other and even if I didn't believe that day I was strong enough, I acted as if.
Remember, you are too! "You are strong enough, smart enough and able to survive on your own."
This brings me to my 2nd challenge that came up.
A guy once told me, you are too old...I am gonna be a thorn in your side.
You can let negative people bring you down, or you can show them how wrong they are.
When people do that to me, it fires me up. It inspires me. i use that as my fuel to create what I want.
You want to do that too. If someone tells you can't tell them you can. If someone tells you aren't capable, prove them wrong.
That's exactly what I did! That's exactly what Wonder Woman did too!
It is time to prove the negative squashes wrong and show them what you are made of.
Before I end, I want to share 2 final thing with you.
If you loved what I shared today, and you would like to know more about my company KidsPartyCharacters.com, whether you want to build a business or hire our company, please let me know. I will be happy to speak with you.
And I am going to leave with you one final thought. Wonder Woman said: "She needed a hero, so that's what she became."
It's time for you to be your own hero.