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Best Gifts/Ideas for Teachers' Day

Best Gifts to give Teachers this Teacher’s Day

Teachers have proven how phenomenal they are during this pandemic school year. They go through so many things on a daily yet still manages to wear smiles for our kids. Now is the time more than ever to show teachers how much we care, and how truly deserving they are of our appreciation, and we’ve compiled a list of ways you can do just that.


  1. Send a Gift Card

Gift cards are the number 1 gift teachers appreciate. It's completely flexible for what a teacher likes—there's a gift card for every taste and purpose. Package your gift card with a thoughtful, thank-you note.


  1. Make a DIY Card

Take a little inspiration from Pinterest and put together a creative card for a special teacher. Afterwards, take some time to write a note of gratitude. Many teachers tend to hoard these well-thought-out gifts.


  1. Wine and Dine

Gift your favourite teacher a lavish bottle of wine and a personalized bottle labels. Classic and timeless.


  1. Pay attention

More than anything, teachers' want to know that kids are paying attention to their lessons. Though this might not seem like such a big deal, the level of thoughtfulness is what means the world to the recipients.


  1. A Heartfelt Handmade

There is no shame if your crafting skills aren't Pinterest-worthy; instead, look to Etsy. No matter your teachers' like, it's likely there's an Etsy maker who can whip together a perfect gift. Teachers love personalized hand-stamped bookmarks and cool teacher name signs.


  1. Don’t Overlook Elective/Specials Teachers

They work just as hard, and you can get them anything on this list.


  1. Fun in the Sun

This one is a classic; put together a beach gift—this could include a nice beach tote, a beach towel, a new tumbler, sunglasses or even a beach umbrella. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Gift them some school supplies

You would not believe how much money teachers spend on classroom supplies annually. Ease their burdens by sharing some supplies or a gift card to restock.


  1. Sweets and Snacks

Time to start stacking up on a stash of goodies for teachers to keep in their desks and nibble on when things get too stressful. A Hershey's Kiss-filled jar is a must-buy. For teachers that prefer salty or sour sweet, opt for nacho-themed or sour patch gift basket.


  1. Treat Teachers with a Spa Treatment

This one is very versatile, but also well needed, and well deserved. Go all out with a gift certificate for anything from a mani/pedi to a massage at a local spa, or just make some homemade bath bombs.


  1. Send a Bouquet

Who doesn’t love flowers? Surprise your favorite teacher a wreath of her favorite flowers along with a kind note. You can also pair this gift with candles or another classical thank-you note.


  1. Bring Teachers a Meal

Sometimes teachers have to rush out of the house just as kids do. Plan a breakfast or lunch for teachers and or support staff. Perhaps a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables and nuggets from McDonalds or Wendy’s. Even something as simple as picking up their favorite Starbucks coffee one morning is sure to brighten their day!


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