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Big News at Kids Party Characters


Mark your calendars for September 1, 2018 and be on the lookout for a new book by Kids Party Characters founder, Cheryl Jacobs.


The book is titled How to be Financially Independent by Bringing Joy to Children, and will be available on Amazon.  (Keep an eye out for the link here on the blog)


This will be Cheryl's third book and is essential reading for entrepreneurs, those thinking about entrepreneurship, and anyone who wants an inspiring read.


Inside her latest book, Cheryl gives details about how she took her love of the children's entertainment business, combined with her experience in acting, modeling, and starting her own businesses, and created her Kids Party Characters business.


Starting with just an idea and a love for making kids smile, Cheryl's book will take you on the journey from the idea phase through growing to a six figure business.


Even better, the book outlines how you can leverage Cheryl's experience and talents and create your own six figure business in the children's entertainment industry while working from home and still caring for your own children.


Who is Cheryl Jacobs?

If the thought of having your own business is a little overwhelming, and the thought of that business bringing you a six-figure income is somewhere out there in your "wildest dreams" category, let's take a look at where Cheryl started before you totally dismiss the possibility.


At the age of 18, Cheryl married her high school sweetheart and started her family. By the age of 21, she found herself a single mom with two beautiful babies to care for.


Cheryl started with nothing, and was forced to rely on the generosity of local churches to provide milk and cheese just so her kids could be fed.


During this already challenging time in her life, Cheryl's mother died from breast cancer at the young age of 43. Three months later, her grandmother passed away.


To say life was dark for Cheryl during this time is a huge understatement.


But Cheryl would not give up.


She knew she had to do better for her children,  and was inspired by the words of her mother to "Never depend on anyone and always have the capability to stand on your own two feet."


Her determination led her to start her first business, a modeling and talent agency,  and resulted in her landing a huge modeling contract that changed her life and set her onto the path of success.


Cheryl became a student of entrepreneurship and Kids Party Characters is her eighth business.


While the days of relying on someone else's milk and cheese are far behind her, Cheryl's never forgotten where she came from or what it's like to struggle.


In fact, helping others discover the rewards of entrepreneurship has become a passion for Cheryl, and is the fuel behind her latest book.


In How to Be Financially Independent by Bringing Joy to Children, Cheryl takes you inside her business and shows you how no matter where you are in life right now, financial independence and happiness are possible for you too.


More From Cheryl

Want to learn more about Cheryl's transformation from poverty to serial entrepreneur?


While the mechanics of how to build a business are essential, you first have to become a person of confidence and persistence before you even start down that road.


Cheryl is already a number one best-selling author, and shares details of her personal journey in her autobiography, Escape From the Darkness Into the Enchanted, which was her first book.


Her second book, Beyond the Enchanted: Ever After, goes even deeper.


In Beyond the Enchanted, Cheryl shares journal entries on becoming a better business owner, expanding her career as a pilot, and finding her speaking voice to share her story.


Both Escape From the Darkness and Beyond the Enchanted are available on Amazon and both will show you that no matter where you come from, you can become anything you want to become.


Pick them up today to get inspired to learn about getting your own six figure business started when Cheryl's new book is released.


Also be sure to connect with Cheryl on the Kids Party Characters Facebook page, and tune into the Kids Party Characters podcast.


Both places are great resources for learning more about running your own business while working from home and raising happy and healthy kids at the same time.