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Branding my business and building a team helped me grow my company from 0 to super success in only 4 years.

I started Kids Party Characters with my partner Ricardo Jonathan Leveratto over 4 years years ago with 20 costumes & a drive to succeed. Both of us did about 2-4 parties every weekend taking everything we made & investing it back into the company. We quickly grew to now about 160 characters, 70 employees, over 100 parties monthly, in 4 states & about to launch nationwide in 4 weeks. I am forever grateful for Jonathan's push to succeed. 

In the beginning every day, I networked on social media & advertising platforms. After some time people started contacting us to do that for us. We are now getting our name out there on 15 different internet platforms.

As my marketing continued I soon found out about the business of online coaching which takes your company to the next level. It became my obsession to learn this new technique. I became contacting these online coaches & 1 particular coach took me under his wing & introduced me to the world of Digital Marketing & Virtual Assistance.

With this new found knowledge I set into motion the branding of Kids Party Characters. Every day for the last 3 months my focus has been on that including 7am meetings with the Philippines to make it happen. Relentlessly built a team who worked day & night to make this all come together. We will be launching Nationwide in about 4 weeks with advertising on a national Disney type radio show.

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to come from where I was to where I am now. I am forever grateful for the amazing people who helped me & pushed me to succeed. It is now my mission to bring smiles to children & families across the nation & worldwide.

Wishing everyone love & happiness.

Miss Cheryl Jacobs

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