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Can Stay at Home and Work at Home Really Work?



Are you a stay at home mom who would like to earn some extra cash? (Who wouldn't!) Maybe you've even tried different ways to supplement the family income in the past?


If so, you've likely found the promises of riches from working at home to be false. The opportunities are either too complicated to really make them work, or they don't bring in the money they promise.


If you've experienced this in the past, or if you've been too unsure to even try any of the thousands of work from home opportunities that are out there, keep reading. We may have the perfect solution for you today.


When you decide to have a go at working from home, there are basically three different routes you can take.


You can start some kind of a crafting business on a platform like Etsy and sell the things you make. This can be a fun and relatively easy route, but, it also rarely makes you much money.  It's time consuming, profit margins are low, and competition is fierce. Just getting found among the millions of other moms and artists is a huge challenge.


Your second option is to pick a topic you're passionate about and build a website that sells your products or services online. The profit potential here is definitely great, but the learning curve is steep. You either need to have a lot of time to figure out the technical aspects of selling online, or already have a lot of money to pay someone to handle everything for you.


Finally, you can go to work as an independent representative for a network marketing company. There are thousands of them out there, selling everything from health and fitness products, to purses and jewelry, to telephone and energy services.


These companies are great because they provide all the products, the marketing materials, and the website you need to sell to people. The downsides are that it's very hard to make significant money unless you are also constantly recruiting people to become sales reps like you are for the business.


Being successful with network marketing also requires that you become a sort of walking billboard for your products, which can get tiresome to your friends and family. We all know that person who sells "miracle juice" and won't stop talking about how great it is. And we usually don't think of her fondly!


Unfortunately, about 97% of the people who try network marketing companies spend more money than they ever make.


What's a mom to do then? You can resign yourself to the fact that your kids and your family just won't ever have everything they want. You can scale down your vacation plans, try to skimp by on a strict grocery budget, and just constantly be money conscious.


But what if there was a better way? Something that was fun and gave you the freedom to have all those little extras in life. That allowed you to make decisions for your kids and your family that were never dependent on your bank account.


Here at, that's exactly the type of business we have. And after years of working with other moms who are looking for  this same kind of lifestyle, owner Cheryl Jacobs has decided to allow a limited number of people to license her business.


What does this mean for you? Well, it gives you the chance to start a business that you can work from home, around your children's schedules, to make a few extra dollars or even six figures a year. And, it eliminates all the hassles associated with starting the other kinds of businesses that are available to stay at home moms.


With a license from,  you will have an exclusive geographical area to book your parties, the right to use all of our costumes, and a casting director who's available to hire and supervise your actors.


And, you will never be alone to figure it all out or make it work. Your license includes a six module training course to get you started, as well as ongoing support from Cheryl and the entire team at


And perhaps most importantly, this is a business your kids will love to hear about and help with, as other children plan their parties around their favorite characters.


Can you see the huge potential for fun and profit here, minus all the headaches? Learn more about getting your membership license by clicking here. You can book a free, no pressure chat with Cheryl and she can answer all your questions and share her experiences with the business over the last six years.


Also, connect with us on Facebook to see how rewarding it is to help kids' party dreams come to life with a party.












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