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Coming Soon to a Newsstand Near You



Big news today at Kids Party Characters. Owner Cheryl Jacobs will soon be appearing on the cover of Soul Central Magazine, a publication that interviews and features those that motivate and inspire others across the global community.


You can find Cheryl’s edition of the magazine in print and online in March, and of course we’ll update you with a link as soon as it’s available.


In addition to making the cover of this inspiring magazine, there’s a four page article inside about Cheryl that tells her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


The true significance of this honor really hit for Cheryl when she realized that the magazine is featuring the popular and talented actor Jackie Chan on its cover the month before her appearance. While she’s certainly a big dreamer, being in the company of such a star has taken Cheryl beyond even her wildest dreams. 


Cheryl’s story is a great example that no matter who you are, if you’re willing to start with what you have and work hard towards what you want, you can live the life of your dreams.


If you had met Cheryl when she was a single mom struggling to recover from an abusive relationship and supporting her kids through the generosity of a local church’s food pantry, you probably would have found it hard to believe that she’d end up a best selling author and successful serial entrepreneur. 


Cheryl’s story is one of inspiration, but also highlights the importance of hard work, persistence, and really knowing what you want and throwing aside any limits the rest of the world might put on you to go out and get it.


As a Kids Party Characters supporter you may not know that Cheryl is also a licensed pilot, and that since her success with Kids Party Characters, she’s started another business called Elite Flight Club that specializes in providing private flights to meet her clients’ schedules and individual needs. 


You’ll want to read more about that growing business in Cheryl’s Soul Central article.


What Does This Mean for You?


In addition to being excited for Cheryl’s success and the public recognition of it, let’s talk about how what she’s accomplished can actually benefit you.


First, as you may know, Cheryl’s developed a passion for mentoring others, especially moms who want to work from home with their kids. 


As her magazine cover and article illustrate, she’s certainly a qualified mentor and someone who’s “been there and done that,” which may make her the perfect mentor for you.


Cheryl’s created a unique opportunity of membership with Kids Party Characters that allows you to start your own Kids Party Characters business using all the tools Cheryl has that allowed her to build a six-figure business. 


Membership also includes step-by-step training and support from Cheryl and the team at Kids Party Characters so you can quickly get your business into profit.


Cheryl’s offering free mentoring sessions to anyone who wants to learn more about what it takes to start a business from scratch. Take a look at the Kids Party Characters membership opportunity, and book a call with Cheryl to get started on your dream of working from home while raising your kids.


Even if a business isn’t the right fit for you at this time, after reading Cheryl’s story in Soul Central, you’ll know she’s the kind of person you want to trust your child’s next party to. 


At Kids Party Characters, Cheryl goes over the top to make sure your child and her guests are actually entertained during the party and go home with some lasting memories. You’ll find all the details about our 200+ characters, bouncy castles, face painting, balloon twisting, cotton candy and other extras on our website.


As always, thanks for your support and for being a part of the Kids Party Characters community. Be sure to join us on Facebook to keep updated on our growing collection of your kids’ favorite characters, as well as our best strategies for working from home and raising happy and healthy children.

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