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Frequently asked Questions when hosting a kids party




1) Who should I invite?

Children 1-2 years of age it's best to keep it intimate with just family or close friends. They are at the age where they are not gonna remember much of what happens. Many times they end up falling asleep in our characters arms so be aware of their nap times.


Children 2-4 years of age a great idea is to have the party at their daycare. for children 5 or older a lot of times they are gonna want to invite their entire class. It's a good idea to ask for their parents to attend as well.


2) When should I send invitations?

It's best to send invitations 2-4 weeks in advance. You want them to have enough time to prepare transportation & to have time to get a gift but not too far in advance that they forget about your party.


3) How long should I host the party?

For children 1-2 years of age 1-1&1/2 hours is plenty of time. For children 2-4 years about 2-3 hours & for children 5 or older 3 hours or more as long as you have enough entertainment to keep them busy.


4) How do I not get overwhelmed?

As some parents or family member to help out. Offer to return the favor by helping at their child's party. 1 adult per 6 children is sufficient.


If you need help with the entertainment we have that covered for you. We have 200+ costumed characters to choose from, young trained actors who work well with children who know how to do facepainting, balloon animals & magic shows. 


Visit us at https://kidspartycharacters.com to see photos of our costumes & packages available.

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