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Good News for the Work at Home Mom



When you hear the phrase “work at home mom,” what’s the first image that comes to your mind?


For most people it’s a mom at her kitchen table mixing her handcrafted soaps and lotions, sitting on the couch at night piecing together her recycled jewelry creations, or sewing cloth diapers as the kids sleep.


What kinds of business opportunities are out there for moms who want to stay home with their kids and actually be with them rather than park them in front of the television/free babysitter?


Yes, you can have an Etsy shop, fill out surveys all day to earn points for free gift cards, or even resell things on Ebay.


But are you envisioning any real money from these opportunities? 


Yes, there is serious money to be made in some instances if you own some type of online store, but typically you’re either struggling to get noticed and find customers, or struggling to keep your handmade items in stock if you do get a steady stream of customers.


When we think “work at home mom, “ we think small, in contrast to the mom who leaves the house every morning in a suit and heels, spends the day running to meetings and making big decisions, and has to rush to make it to school by the time aftercare ends at 5:30.


Sure that mom makes big money in her corporate job, but that’s not what we want for our kids and our families.


The Choice Between Time and Money


So we leave our corporate jobs, or never start them at all, and when either the need or desire for more money or a business outside of that of raising our kids comes up, many moms feel like they’ll have to settle for the “little extra” most work at home mom jobs bring in.


Most moms view their work opportunities as two mutually exclusive choices.


One, I can have the corporate-style job, potentially pulling in a six-figure salary and being able to afford all the extras for my kids, but then having to hire someone to drive them around because I don’t have time to be too involved in their lives.


Or two, I can be the stay at home mom who runs a little side business that makes a little side money, which might allow me to involve my kids in more of what they want, if I can clip enough coupons this week.


As working moms we can set ourselves up to have money for our kids and family, or time with our kids and family, but not both.


New Mindset, New Choices


Unfortunately, this time or money fallacy keeps many moms from ever pursuing the business opportunity that exists in their “dream world.”


Because if you’ve committed to being a stay at home mom, it means you value the time over the money (and fortunately don’t have to work to keep the lights on).


It wouldn’t make sense to have a business that requires you give up your time, without bringing in a significant amount of money in return.


The good news for stay at home moms that have a desire to become work at home moms is that you don’t have to think small anymore.


Largely because of the amount of business that’s conducted online and how easy it is to automate things online, stay at home moms are no longer constrained by the time or money choice.


You can have both.


And the first step to getting there is to change your mindset around what it means to be a work at home mom.


Realize that having your own business doesn’t have to mean trading your time for dollars, and that you can make corporate-like money from the comfort of your home with little more than an internet connection.


3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Work at Home Business


Before you start thinking this sounds like one of those late night infomercials promising you push button riches, understand that you can make real money from home, but that there’s nothing magically easy about it.


You’ll have to do the work, but if you’re willing to put in some consistent effort, working around your family obligations, you can make more than a full time income from home provided you choose the right business to be in.


There are three things you’ll want to look for in your new business.


1. The Opportunity for Passive Income


One of the big reasons you won’t get rich from selling handmade items is that it’s simply too time-consuming. You can only sell what you produce.


And if you aren’t continually producing, you’ll have nothing to sell.


It’s really just like a job, you don’t get paid unless you’re sitting at work.


When you start your work from home business, you’ll want to choose a business where you do the work to get things set up, but then you’re able to step back and make sales without continuously producing something new to sell.


2. Reoccurring Customers


Without a doubt, one of the most time-consuming parts of any business is finding customers. You can have the best product in the world, but without any customers it simply doesn’t matter.


It’s much easier to sell to an existing customer, who already knows and likes your stuff, than it is to go out and convince a new customer she should buy from you.


When deciding on your work from home business then, make sure it’s one where you’ll have customers coming back for more, rather than offering something they’ll never need again once they buy the first time.


3. A Proven Business Model


Another big hurdle for new business owners is finding something that actually works. The statistics on how many new businesses fail within the first year are so close to 100% that it’s scary.


When looking for a business, one of the best things you can find is competition. Many people let competition scare them away, but if there’s no one else offering what you offer, chances are it’s because there aren’t enough people wanting to buy it.


Look at the competition, and then figure out what you can do in your business that goes beyond what they deliver.


Partnering With Kids Party Characters


As you may know, Kids Party Characters owner Cheryl Jacobs started out as a mom with two small kids who needed to work so her children could eat.


Because she understands what it’s like to be a mom and to either want or need some extra money, or just the sense of purpose a business brings, Cheryl’s created a unique opportunity with Kids Party Characters that has all the characteristics a profitable work at home business needs.


Cheryl is offering memberships in Kids Party Characters that give you the opportunity to own your very own Kids Party Characters business.


Let’s look at how this opportunity meets the three requirements we talked about for a work at home business.


Passive Income


With your business you’ll have an exclusive territory in which to book parties, as well as access to our collection of over 200 costumes, our acting coach and casting director.


The number of parties you book on any given weekend is up to you. For example, you can book 10 parties on a weekend, get paid for each of them, and be on a family vacation 100 miles away while all the parties are taking place.


And while you’ll want to have personal contact with all your clients to ensure their satisfaction, you can set up your business to allow clients to book your services 24 hours a day, meaning you actually can make money while you sleep.


Reoccurring Customers


One of the huge advantages of Kids Party Characters is the volume of repeat business you’ll see. 


Kids love the magic we bring to parties, and with over 200 costumes to choose from, they’ll have no problem choosing a different character each year.


In addition, each party you do doubles as free advertising, since the child’s party guests will also be eager to invite you to their next birthday.


And, we aren’t just for birthdays, our characters fit any special occasion and are even popular for some adult events.


A Proven Business Model


Cheryl has built Kids Party Characters to a six figure business, so you know you’re starting a business that’s in demand.


When you partner with Kids Party Characters, your membership includes step-by-step training from Cheryl on how to set up your new business. 


If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, or even if you just have more questions, book a free chat with Cheryl right here and she’ll walk you through all the details.


You can also learn more about Kids Party Characters and get our best tips on growing a successful work at home business by connecting with us on Facebook for daily updates.

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