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One day my acting coach asked me out of the blue if I would play Cinderella at a kids party. I agreed. Not knowing how to talk to small children or how to do parties my journey began.
My 1st gig I talked to the kids like little adults. I am a mother of 2 but my children were grown. It had been some time since I had been around small children.

Next time around my agent asks if I would play Barney. For those of you who don’t know Barney is this huge purple dinosaur 🦕Living in NYC we mostly take trains everywhere. So now I’m carrying this huge costume in a garbage bag looking like a homeless person. Not as glamorous as the previous princess 👸🏼 party 🎈 but I made the best of it.

For 2 years I continued to do numerous parties with several different characters. I had so many costumes I had to dedicate an entire closet to it. Nyc apartments are small. Losing a whole close space is a lot.

I loved working with children. The smiles on their faces when they see their favorite character is priceless.

I was never formally trained how to do parties. When a complaint was received the owner would call screaming & cursing at me on the top of his lungs. Instead of explaining to me maybe do this or that next time. After a few times of his behavior I had to call it quits. I returned all his costumes & decided to go on my own.

He soon found out I was doing my own thing. His exact words “I am going to be a thorn in your side til you die” My response “Bring it On”

No more will anyone who wants to own their own children’s entertainment company have to try to figure it out from the unknown.

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