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How to clean a mascot costume?

Cleaning a mascot costume is important to avoid irritation to the skin of the next person to use it and to keep it ready for usage.

A good tip on cleaning mascot costumes is to ask for guidelines from your costume provider. Since a costume is an investment, it’s important to take care of it in a way that would help it last a long time.



To take care of your costume, designate an area where it would be hanged, stored, and dried. In this area, there should be fans for drying the costume, a 50/50 mix of water and mouthwash that’s amber in color (not in green or blue) in a spray bottle, and a repair kit.

Your repair kit, to be used for minor damages, should include the following: curved quilting needles, thread in a color that matches the costume, scissors, safety pins, contact cement for shoe soles and foam parts of the costume, hot glue gun, duct tape, and additional chinstraps.

After every appearance, dry or air out your mascot costume. Make sure to wash a costume between performers to avoid allergic reactions, foul odors, and transmission of disease. You don’t have to wash it between every use if the same performer will be wearing it, but pieces that get dirty the most like the hands and the jersey need to be washed more often.



Most costumes can be machine washed with detergent and cold water. The head and shoes part of the costume can be spot cleaned, although the head is hard to clean thoroughly. Paper mache or fiberglass heads need to be cleaned differently. One good tip is to spray 50/50 spray of water and vodka or water and mouthwash inside, wipe the excess liquid, and air it out to dry. If the head of the costume can be washed with water and detergent, you can submerge it in a bathtub and scrub delicate detergent on the fur.

Cleaning your mascot costume is a great way to maintain your investment and ensure an enjoyable experience every time.

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