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It's Bouncy House Time of Year

It's Bouncy House Time of Year

At Kids Party Characters we have one big goal, which is to become your “one stop shop” for all of your party entertainment needs.

As moms, we know planning your child’s party can become so stressful that it’s hard to make time to actually enjoy the festivities.

But what if you could make one call to Kids Party Characters, arrange all the best entertainment in that one conversation, and sit back and relax while we saw to it that everything was delivered, set up, and thoroughly enjoyed by your child and her guests?

With our new bouncy castles, that’s exactly how things will work.

When you call Kids Party Characters, we’ll reserve your child's favorite character to show up as the honored guest at his party. And your character’s not just there to look good.

We use professional actors to represent our characters, and they come to your child’s party ready to put on a show.

In addition to the show, Kids Party Characters has all the kids’ favorites when it comes to party fun, including cotton candy, face painting, balloon twisting, and now — bouncy castles.

Once you’re booked with Kids Party Characters, we take over the heavy lifting and let you turn your attentions to the food and cake (and maybe a little house cleaning!).

Why Bouncy Castles?

The number one reason to include a bouncy castle in your child’s next party is pretty simple, kids love them.

And while that’s really all the reason you need here, as a bonus, it just so happens that bouncing is good for kids too.

As you can probably imagine, bouncing improves your child’s balance, coordination, and agility. It also increases spatial awareness and helps with motor skill development.

Sharing the space with other kids is a great exercise in socialization as well.

The bouncy castle can also help release some of that crazy energy that comes with the excitement of the party, and that can make it hard for mom to even get through everything that’s planned.

When kids are in the bouncy castles, they’re basically getting a full body workout. In addition to bouncing, you’ll see them on their backs, stomachs, crawling, and climbing — especially if you choose our ultimate obstacle course bouncy castle pictured above.

Bouncing has some other health benefits you probably don’t know about. First, it calms the nervous system, which means yes, that hyper activity is actually having a calming effect.

Bouncing is also great for the lymphatic system, which is the main carrier of the immune system and which is essential to proper digestion.

Another crucial benefit of a healthy lymphatic system is that it reduces stress and anxiety.

While the parent observers might just see the excitement and chaos surrounding the bouncy castle, it’s actually working for us to keep the kids healthy and happy, and yet not out of control.

Book Your Party Today

You likely already knew a bouncy castle would make your child happy at her next party, and now you know it will also provide her and the guests physical and emotional benefits too.

What could be better?!

You can see our selection of bouncy castles at have six to choose from to meet your child’s desires and your budget.

And if you claim your party package before the end of the year by putting down a deposit, you’ll receive a 15% discount, or a free upgrade to the next level package.

Putting down your deposit guarantees you the 15% discount, and you can then book the party anytime you want throughout the year.

So head over to and start getting some ideas for making your child’s next party a magical one.

Your child will love our selection of over 200 characters to choose from, and you’ll love the fact that all of the party entertainment can be planned right from our website.

Also be sure to keep up with what’s happening at Kids Party Characters by joining us on Facebook for daily updates.

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