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Kids Party Characters Honored in Times Square


Today at Kids Party Characters we're celebrating an important milestone for owner Cheryl Jacobs. As you may recognize, the above photo is a picture of Times Square in New York City.


Look closely and you'll see Cheryl being honored on that huge billboard right in the center of Times Square, both as the founder and owner of Kids Party Characters and The Elite Flight Club, another business she owns that offers personalized flights for people who want to travel in style on their own schedule.


Which brings up another interesting aspect of Cheryl you might not even know about. Not only is she the owner of The Elite Flight Club, she is also a licensed pilot herself. And in typical Cheryl style, she's taken her passion for flying and turned it into a business so she can be involved in doing something she loves, while serving others at the same time.


You may see a trend here, as that's exactly how Kids Party Characters came to be. As a passionate mom who had raised two kids, Cheryl loved to make children smile and saw a need that wasn't being met very well in the children's entertainment industry.


She combined her love for modeling and the connections that brought her with her love for children and created Kids Party Characters, which she grew to a six-figure business that offers over 250 characters, along with bouncy castles, face painting, balloon twisting, and cotton candy. Cheryl has literally created your one-stop shop for your child's party entertainment.


The Power of P.O.W.E.R.

The organization that created this billboard honoring Cheryl is known as P.O.W.E.R., or Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized. The organization is made up of all types of women from all walks of life and is dedicated to empowering one another to be their best.


P.O.W.E.R. spreads their message through a print and digital magazine, a radio program, and a video program. Their mission is

to provide a powerful network of women who will mentor, inspire and empower each other to be the best they can be. Through our valuable services, and collaborating with like-minded professionals, our members can gain the recognition and exposure to achieve their career goals.

It's easy to see how Cheryl fits right into this organization as an experienced business owner who is driven to inspire and lead other moms to be their very best by following their dreams and making business ownership a reality.


How Cheryl Can Help

Maybe a billboard in Times Square seems way beyond what you could hope to achieve, or even want to achieve, and it wasn't that long ago that Cheryl would have felt the same way.


Cheryl wasn't born into this life, but rather started as a struggling single mom fresh off an abusive relationship who was supporting her children through the generosity of the local church's food pantry.


She knew there was something better out there for her and her kids, and has become a living example that all things are possible.


Cheryl is waiting to help you get on the road to becoming a small business owner. Schedule a mentoring session with her today and she'll walk you through what it's like to start a business from scratch.


Cheryl's created a great franchise opportunity with Kids Party Characters that takes much of the learning curve out of starting a business and allows you to leverage all of the tools she used to create a successful business.


In addition, this opportunity gives you step-by-step training from Cheryl on the best practices for starting your new business. Find all the details here, and bring any questions you have to your mentoring call with Cheryl.


You can also learn more about Kids Party Characters by connecting with us on Facebook for daily updates that include our best tips and strategies for working from home.


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