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Kids Party Characters Podcast Prelaunch

Hi, I'm Cheryl Jacobs and welcome to our kids party characters podcast's prelaunch. We are creating this company to give corporates financial freedom on owning their own children's entertainment company through their home. We've been in business over six years with kids party characters. We've definitely gained much experience with how to deal with clients, how to hire the talent, how to get the costumes, where to get the costumes. We have a bunch of interviews coming up with actors who have started with us from the beginning, former clients. We have some booking disaster stories. We also have marketing experts that have helped us along the way. Our upcoming book that's actually on Amazon right now is "Escape from the darkness into the enchanted". If you're looking to hire a character for your children's upcoming party or you want to own your own children's entertainment company, stay tuned.

Thank you. I'm Cheryl Jacobs. Bye.