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Kids Party Game Ideas

Party games are important to children’s parties. Children are easily bored and distracted, and parties are meant to be fun and memorable. Make a kids party more exciting by having a variety of games that cater to kids of all ages.

Most party planners advise that you should avoid competitive games in kids parties. This is because many children have not yet developed the value of sportsmanship and could have hurt feelings over not winning. Instead, try games where everyone can get a prize and have fun.

You can have three games and two crafts activities to fill a two-hour party. Finally, make sure you include games that are age-appropriate.

Here are some of the games you can try:

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Prize Walk (Ages 2-4)

Write the numbers 1-30 on square pieces of paper. The number can be adjusted depending on the number of children participating.

Tape the pieces of paper on the floor in a circle formation.

Have each child stand on a number and play music.

When the music stops, pick a number and give the child a prize.

This game can continue until everyone wins a prize.

Balloon Burst (Ages 4 and up)

Write challenges like trivia questions or physical challenges on pieces of paper and put one in each balloon before inflating.

Have children bop a balloon up in the air while playing music.

When the music stops, the last child to touch the balloon would have to pop it.

You can prepare enough balloons for however long you would want the game to continue.

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