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Recruiting for the Right People

In any business, the key to achieving success is having the right employees.

They are the frontliners in your business and should represent your business and what you stand for. Especially in the party services business, hiring someone who turns out to have a bad temper or is not willing to do their best is just a recipe for disaster.

When hiring, remember that attitude is much more important than technical skills.

Most of what you have to do on the job can be learned on the job. If you have a good training system and they have the right attitude, it would mean a lot less problems. Good work ethic is an innate quality that can’t be easily taught. Find someone who is passionate for what you do.

Attracting the right potential hires means holding a reputation as a good employer as well.

You need to maintain that you are a business that treats its employees well. If you have what you need to prove that people enjoy working with you, then people who share your vision and values will be enticed to apply.

Finally, structure your interview process in a way that it allows you to learn more about your candidates’ innate set of beliefs. Set a clear set of guidelines for your ideal employee and stick to it.