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The Funniest Things Children ask the Characters


The funniest things children ask the characters

Over the last Eight years of doing kids parties I've grown to understand the minds of children. Every weekend playing a character for Kids Party Characters you really see how a child's imagination works & how they interpret reality.

Children under the age of 8 & in some cases up to 10 years they still believe that Spiderman can really shoot webs from his wrists & climb walls while elsa is building Ice Castles & snowmen with a wave of her hand.

so bearing this in mind it's important to know how your character you're portraying so you can answer their questions and keep them believing in miracles.

As I arrive in my Cinderella gown the questions I often get are "Where is your horse & carriage" or "Where is Prince Charming"?

My response is as follows: "I have to send the horses away so they don't make a mess in the neighbors yards & eat all their grass and Prince Charming takes the best care of them so he drove away the carriage".

Elsa is probably the most booked princess today. the most asked questions are "Why did you freeze your sister?" or "Were you sad when your parents died in the boat wreck"?

How do you answer these questions to a precious little child?

As I think long and hard I respond. When I was little girl not much older than you my powers were new to me. I didn't quite understand how they worked & I was learning to control them. Freezing my sister was an accident but it showed me how much I love her and always want to protect her.

How I respond when they ask if I was sad when my parents died I try very hard to keep it positive and teach them the circle of life. I explain to them to always look at the good memories you share with those you love when you lose them.

This may not be the best answer but I know I'm teaching them the power of Love for family and those you care about.

Now Moana is up and coming as the newest Princess of interest. This princess teaches the children free will and to follow your ow path no matter what anyone else tells you.

I personally admire her courage and empaled the writers for teaching the children this valuable lesson.

I feel we are evolving into a world where girls and woman can finally speak up and be anything they put their minds to.

Moana is the epidemic of that in todays world you can be anything you want if you just believe in your self and follow your dreams.

As far as boy characters I'm gonna have to interview our male actors so you can hear their stories of what such characters like Batman or Spiderman get asked.

Always remember a child's imagination is priceless. As long as you never lose that you will never lose your inner child.

Welcome to the one stop shop for all your child's party needs.

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