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What goes into the Organization of a costumed character party


From the time we get the call about wanting to book a character to the actual booking there are many steps we must take.


First there's the initial call of interest. We go over with the client we have over 200+ characters to choose from & packages which range from $200-325 depending on which 1 they choose.


We explain all our costumes are hand made & photos of our exact costumes can be seen on our website.


We assure them that all entertainers are carefully selected young trained actors who work well with children. All actors are personally trained by the owner on how to perform at their event.


Once the character has been booked everything is set in motion.


Our next step is to contact our top actors to check availability. Once we find the right actor we get together all the costumes for the upcoming weekend.

Our staff then goes into our storage facility to get all need costumes together which is in the # of 20-30 characters each weekend. As well as whichever vending machines are needed such as cotton candy, snow cone or popcorn machines.

The next thing is preparation of all the goodie bags for each party. We give each child a goodie bag containing a balloon, a lollipop & a toy. We do this for 2 reasons. Many parents ask for a business card to invite a character to their child's party so that's included as well. Most importantly why we do this is that the children love getting gifts from their favorite character. Don't forget they still believe up until 8 years of age. So when they get a gift from their idol even the shyest of kids open up with joy.


Next is the delivery of all costumes, goodie bags, twisting balloons, face painting kits & vending machines. Many actors cover 5-10 parties every weekend. The actors with cars are able to do so much more than the actors who live in NYC & have to take public transportation. They can only handle 1-4 parties per weekend.



Based in NJ we have a meeting place at a NYC Starbucks for pickup & drop-off of costumes for all actors living there.


Once all supplies have been delivered our staff confirms via email or text message every upcoming party. This ensures addresses, dates etc are correct at least a week prior to all events os if any changes need to be made it can be done then.


The weekend arrives & each actor is loading their cars or preparing their subway journeys to your event. They send another text message confirmation that morning so you have constant contact with the actor who is covering your event.


Each actor who is performing as a Superhero or Princess will arrive in costume ready to go upon arrival. All mascot bookings the actors will arrive 15-20 min prior to your event to change into costume. It's a little difficult to drive in these large costumes plus we like to keep them off the dirty streets.



All actors have their own playlist & speakers in which to play them on. Unless you have a DJ for your event then they will connect their playlist with him.


The show begins. Each show includes entrance to theme song for whichever character you choose. Next is dancing games such as the Limbo, Chacha slide, musical chairs, freeze dance etc. Followed by balloon animals, facepainting & magic shows depending on what package you choose. Posing for photos, high fives & hugs are unlimited. Finally we sing Happy Birthday with the family if it's a birthday party.



Although much goes into the preparation of each party the joy we bring to children & their families is why we do what we do.


Bringing Childrens Imagination to Life.



Miss Cheryl Jacobs