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Why Work with Children?

Working with children can be the most rewarding job in the world.

You play a very important role in their growth and development not only physically or intellectually, but with their character as well. Although there are messy and even gross parts, working with children in any way is rewarding in more ways than one.

First is that you are responsible for the happiness of so many others beyond yourself.

Your job is not only about making them happy by playing with them, but also helping them with little things that help them grow. In the process, you get to witness so many of their ‘firsts’ while being a part of their messy, amazing learning process.

Along the way, you get to see a lot of smiles.

Children are just so happy to alive that it easily becomes a sentiment that you also share. You also get to experience the joys of parenthood even if they’re not your flesh and blood. You still get to act as a parent figure to these kids, taking part in their growth and helping them feel loved.

Finally, you’re part of a great responsibility of crafting their childhood and creating the foundation of their future selves.

By working with children, you build their character and become a role model as an example of love in its truest form.