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You Never Know Who's Life You May Touch


You Never know Who's Life You May Touch

Even though you think they may not be listening, they're listening.

How many times have you thought someone was not paying attention then out of no where they send you a message or a text letting you know you made a difference in their life.

When you are your genuine authentic self & show your heart, your passion, your vulnerability you may wonder in your mind am I really making a difference.

Always remember not everyone is gonna believe in you mission but when you come from a place of of love & passion in all that you do there really are those you help. Surprising enough in turn they may even help you along the way too.

If you're making a difference in just 1 person's life isn't it all worth it in the end?

Recently I've been reading about the win win win situations. Where all parties involved benefit from your decisions you made. How empowering it would feel to help all those involved benefit.

Its the true key to success. It's our lives purpose to help others succeed. In doing so you yourself will succeed.

The last year of my life I have dedicated myself to branding my kids company making it accessible to those who want to own their own children's entertainment company.

Not only will you gain financial freedom through the comfort of your own home but you will bring joy to children & their families. A win win win situation.

Sharing my success with the world in hopes of bringing joy to others.

Please visit my website KIdsPartyCharacters.com & click on Members to learn more.

For the love of Bringing Children's Imagination to Life.

I'm Cheryl Jacobs & thanks for listening to Kids Party Characters Podcast. Subscribe here for all the episodes.